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Shelving Systems for GSA Applications

Mobile Aisle and Stationary Shelving Systems

Mobile Aisle Smart Shelf System for High-Density Storage - GSA Fed Government and Military Applications

Space Saving High-Density Storage

Mobile Aisle Shelving

Space saving mobile aisle shelving systems are a remarkably economical way to save space, increase capacity, improve productivity and increase asset security.

Mobile aisle shelving units are available in electric, mechanical assist or manual models that reduce and reclaim space by eliminating all but the aisles in use.


RiveTier Boltless Shelving for GSA Government and Military Applications

original boltless shelving

RiveTier Bulk Shelving

RiveTier long span industrial shelving is the original boltless shelving. RiveTier shelving units assemble quickly and easily with only a rubber mallet.

Materials can be accessed from all four sides of the RiveTier unit because rivetier systems don’t require sway bracing.

In addition RiveTier boltless bulk shelving is 40% less expensive than standard bolt together steel shelving but has weight capacities of up to 2400 lbs. a shelf!


Western Pacific Deluxe Steel Shelving Systems

Bolt-Free compression clip shelving

Pacific Steel Shelving

Pacific compression clip shelving provides the most basic all-purpose storage. Compression clip shelves are bolt-free thus much easier to assemble than standard bolt together shelving.

Pacific shelving systems are available in open shelving systems and closed shelving systems. Open shelving is ideal for bulky or packaged items. Closed shelving includes metal sides and backs added to the basic unit and can be customized to your own specifications.

Military Mobile Aisle Smart Shelf System



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