GSA Mezzanine Platform Storage System

Government Procurement for Storage & Handling Equipment

Material Handling & Storage Equipment Systems

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Decades of U.S. Federal Government Supply Chain Experience

Material Handling & Storage Equipment

Providing U.S. Federal Government material handling and storage aid systems since the 90’s. We’ve successfully implemented thousands of solutions to government agencies worldwide.

We know every step of the Federal Government procurement process and have a proven track record of implementing successful projects.

Two Tier GSA Mezzanine Integrated Storage System

Material Handling and Storage Systems Experts

GSA Prime Contractor

American Warehouse Systems is capable of designing and installing material handling systems for virtually every application. As a GSA Prime Contractor, we are able to integrate many different products to produce a turnkey system.

  • GSA Engineered Mezzanine Systems can double the square footage of any space at minimal cost.
  • Powered and Gravity Conveyor can transport product throughout any work area for a more efficient product flow.
  • Pallet Rack and Steel Shelving are some cost effective ways to increase storage space above or below GSA Mezzanines Deck.
  • Wire Partitions can protect valuable items and equipment from loss.
  • The list is extensive…

Each of these systems can be integrated with Lighting Packages, Fire Suppression Systems or a number of other options including Complete Material Handling System Installation with seamless accuracy.

GSA Accumulation Conveyor

Automated Systems and Optimized Storage Equipment

Full Service Distributor and Systems Integrator

American Warehouse Systems is a full service distributor of storage and material handling equipment. From fully automated, high-density systems to basic optimized storage, we’ll design a system that suits both application and budget then deliver, install and implement that system.

Our philosophy of “One Project, One Vendor” drives us to perform above the typical Material Handling Distributor to the level of Prime Contractor and Integration Partner.

GSA industrial warehouse racking system

high quality products with unsurpassed services

Best-In-Class Value Within Your Budget

Our high quality products and unsurpassed services set us aside as the best value in the industry. American Warehouse Systems is dedicated to providing our clients with only the best products on the market.

You can rest assured that a purchase from us will result in the delivery of the best equipment or system investment available for your dollar.

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