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American Warehouse Systems has been delivering successful GSA engineered systems to U.S. Federal Government clients for over two decades. Our experience with Federal Agencies is second to none in the industry – on time, on budget, application specific.

GSA Mezzanine Platform Storage System

GSA Contracts For Government Storage & Handling Systems

GSA Contract Holder

As a Federal Government GSA Prime Contractor, we continue to exceed client expectations by providing the highest quality product along with assessing the most cost effective route for your storage systems application or engineered warehouse solution.

Over time, due to our extreme dedication to quality, value and customer service, we have developed a well-established history of integrity and client trust. American Warehouse Systems (AW Systems) is well-known for and relied upon as a credible “One Project – One Vendor” resource in the material handling industry.

463L Pallet Conveyor

U.S. Federal Government GSA Procurement

Decades of Supply Chain Experience

Doing business with the US Federal Government can be a daunting and intimidating undertaking – if you don’t know what you’re doing. Unfortunately there are too many suppliers that fit this description.

The team at AW Systems has been involved in U.S. Federal Government material handling and storage aid systems since the 90’s. We’ve successfully implemented thousands of solutions to government agencies worldwide.

We know every step of the process and know what it takes to implement a successful project.

GSA Powered Roller Conveyor Pick System

U.S. Federal Government agencies worldwide

Global Project Implementation

AW Systems has established relationships with quality vendors across the globe. Our network has the ability to service almost any location in the world, delivering best-in-class material handling systems to U.S. Federal Government agencies worldwide.

Our experience, resources and capabilities are second to none. Our strength comes through our strong, government focused, supplier network. Our entire network is educated and trained, not only on system integration, but also on the U.S. Federal Government procurement process.

We understand the solicitation, contracting, award and receiving processes better than anyone else – and our knowledge benefits you.

Specializing in Federal Government Procurement

Storage and Handling Systems

With 20+ years in government procurement, we’re adept at helping you purchase in a streamlined manner.

Our extreme dedication to quality, value, and customer service, has earned us a well-established history of integrity and client trust. AW Systems is well known for and relied upon as a credible “One Project – One Vendor” resource in the material handling industry.

Turnkey Service Integration Provider

Solving Your Problems and Creating Peak Efficiencies in Your Operations

Proudly Affiliated

AW Systems is more than just a full material handling and automation integration partner. We use our thought leadership to advance the material handling industry through proactive partnerships, relationships with local and national leaders, and active industry involvement.

We are proud to be affiliated with a number of trustworthy and reputable industry and government associations.

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