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We don't choose to leave our families. We do this because we love our country.

Air Force Master Sgt. James Bonner reunites with his son.

Air Force Master Sgt. James Bonner reunites with his son.

The Sacrifice for Freedom
Military serviceman and dad, Air Force Master Sgt. James Bonner, spent 6 months thousands of miles away from his family.  1/2 of a year of his life dedicated to his country without seeing his family.  I hate to be away from my family for more than a couple of days.

Master Sgt. Bonner has chosen to serve his country because he loves freedom and wants to defend our country from the dangerous attack of those who would take that God given right away.

Surprise Homecoming
Receiving a Hero’s Welcome from his children’s school where he surprised his wife and 2 boys, he reveals what is heavy on his heart as he returns home.

We all love to view a soldier’s return home.  His request for all of us is to not forget that there are troops serving an entire world away from their own families; sacrificing their time and lives for our freedom.

Master Sgt. Bonner wants us to REMEMBER
“I got a chance to come home. I’m home with my family.  A lot of my comrades won’t be coming home to their families, and it seems that sometimes America has forgotten what we are fighting for.  We don’t choose to leave our families; we do this because we love our country,” said Master Sgt. Bonner.