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April 2014

Keep your hands off our guns!

Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke Jr. at NRA-ILA Leadership Forum 2014 Defending freedom is a fight that has no end. At the NRA Leadership Forum on Friday, April 25, Wisconsin Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. shared his viewpoint on gun control.  In the video below, Sheriff Clarke speaks about how our Second Amendment rights are under siege and urges us to not be silent nor afraid to defend our constitutional rights. So what is the plan? 1.  Defending freedom is a fight that has no end.  You must be willing to resist any attempt by the government to disarm law abiding citizens. 2.  Stand together by joining and supporting organizations that are fighting to secure our freedom like the NRA. NRA-ILA - Institute for Legislative Action NRA - Become a Member 3.  Support elected officials who ... Read more
Posted by Amy Juelich on April 28th, 2014 :: Filed under: Blog,Political,Keep your hands off our guns,NRA,Second Amendment Rights

Legos and Boltless Rivet Shelving. Building Creative Solutions - MN 55449

RiveTier Boltless Components are just like Legos What do Legos and RiveTier Boltless Shelving Components have in common? They are easy to put together, easy to take apart, easy to store, and easy to replace. Plus, you can build just about anything with them. All you need is a challenge, an imagination, and some creative planning. Creating efficient storage space is always a challenge but with RiveTier boltless components, the sky is the limit. With any given storage need, if you can imagine it, we can build it out of RiveTier parts! Easily adjustable and quick to assemble, RiveTier boltless components are assembled without nut and bolt fasteners. The components clip together and assembly only requires 2 Guys and a Mallet - watch our How-To Video. Excellent customer service is our passion. Our ... Read more

Dogs are a Soldier's Best Friend - but what about the Cat?

Dog. A soldier's best friend. The Dog. Forever a soldier's best friend! We've all heard that dogs are man/woman's best friend.  They're loyal, loving, and filled with pure joy when you return. What if you had been away for six months up to a year?  Would they still remember you?  Watch this video and enjoy! But what about the Cat?? Foster Pet Care for Soldiers Sometimes it's difficult for soldiers to find care for their pets when they are on deployment.  Here are a couple of non-profit and volunteer based organizations.  Their sole purpose is to provide loving care to the pets of our soldiers on active duty providing them peace of mind while they are away. Guardian Angels - Serving all military, all pets.  Assisting active duty service members, wounded warriors, ... Read more