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Being a hero comes with a price.
After watching the “Meet The Warriors” videos, it’s given me a renewed respect for our military men and women.  It is an extreme sacrifice for people to serve in the U.S. military and when they return home, they cannot simply leave combat behind and pick up where they left off.  The invisible wounds of war are something that makes returning to civilian life a whole different challenge.  Men and women return home after having seen and experienced horrific things.  These things stay with them and it takes time and compassion for healing.

A code of honor.  No one gets left behind.
One thing that touched me most (especially Justin’s, Josh’s, & William’s story) was the fact that these men not only would give up their lives for us, but they are fiercely dedicated to each other.  The trials that they go through during training and combat create a bond that none of us could understand unless we experienced it.  It is a deep bond of trust and respect; a code of honor.  No one gets left behind.

How can we help?  Let’s not leave them behind.
They are the true heroes.  Please join with us to provide support to the men and women who support us.  Donate your resources individually or as a company to the following trusted organizations – all accept online donations.

Restore Warriors
Restore Warriors, affiliated with the Wounded Warrior Project, provides support to veterans dealing with Combat Stress, PTSD, and TBI:

Providing our veterans jobs when they return home.

Supporting organizations that help fund mental and physical recovery.

  • Wounded Warrior Project
    Provides assistance and resources to physically or mentally injured service members and their families.
    Provides peer support and mentoring, training and transition to work, adaptive sports events, and social engagement.
  • Disabled American Veterans
    Provides assistance to veterans and their families in obtaining benefits and services.
  • Operation Homefront
    Provides relief to veterans through financial and food assistance, auto and home repair, vision care, and essential home items.
    Provides recovery  and care giver assistance.

Providing support for their families while they’re away.

  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation
    Provides assistance to our Special Operations team member’s families.
    Accepting online donations to keep their promise to Special Ops members.
    If they lose their life in the line of duty, the SOWF will provide a post secondary education for all of their surviving children.
    They also provide traveling assistance for families to reach their wounded loved ones.
  • National Military Family Association
    Provides assistance to military families for ongoing child care, accessible health care, spouse employment options, retirement assistance, support for widows/widowers.

God Bless Our Warriors

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