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Hytrol Conveyor Project for Pearl Harbor

American Warehouse Systems was fortunate enough to participate in a large conveyor project for Peal Harbor Naval Base.  The defense distribution center was badly outdated and needed a more efficient system to induct and distribute product.  The system needed to span two buildings and traverse a fairly busy base road.  One of the buildings has only wire mesh walls and the other building is a protected historical structure.  These factors created unique opportunities for American Warehouse Systems to shine.

The project included a very large Hytrol conveyor system including pallet conveyor, transfer beds for pallet induction, powered tote conveyor, and a spiral conveyor to raise the height of the totes quickly in the allotted space.  A very large enclosed conveyor crossover structure with two vertical continuous conveyors on the other side to transport the totes over a road and to ground level in the building next door and several hundred feet of powered and gravity conveyor rounded out the project.

The project took almost two years from concept to implementation but now the defense distribution center Pearl Harbor has a highly efficient material handling system anyone would be proud of.  At last report they are extremely satisfied with the system and discussions have begun to extend into the next building.

American Warehouse Systems is proud to support our military and non-military government entities with state of the art cost effective storage and material handling solutions.  If you have a project, no matter the size feel free to contact us or visit our website at American Warehouse Systems.

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